Escort IXC Laser Radar Detector

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The Escort IXC police radar detector offers the best of radar detectors for cars and carries on the tradition of the Escort IX, now with improved detection range.

  • Connected Car Compatible – Creates crowd sourced alerts and a constantly updated database of real time user generated alerts. Always stay connected to the road with this highly accurate and precise police scanner
  • Auto Learn Technology – Radar detection customized to your driving style! Gps intelligence, IVT filtering, and autosensitivity come together to eliminate false alerts by Learning your route and varying sensitivity with your vehicle speed
  • Escort Live App – Know what lies on the road ahead! Join our community of drivers and enthusiasts that share and receive over 100 million alerts every year – Red light and speed camera locations, speed limits, live traffic updates and police Radar
  • Clear Voice Alerts – Unique voice warnings allow for hand free operation and crystal clear communication. Based on your speed, alerts are tailored to fit your location and movement allowing you to keep your eyes on the road without distractions
8.8Expert Score
Escort IXC Laser Radar Detector
Escort IXC Laser Radar Detector Review
I have had the Escort 9500ix for a long time and decided to to give the IX a try. I haven't had it very long but so far, it is terrific! First off, the case of the Detector is a lot more sturdy and better crafted than previous products by escort. The window mount suction cup and magnet are much better than the window mount that comes with the 9500ix.
  • Auto low K mode
  • Choice of 4 different display colors
  • Long Range Detection
  • As other reviewers stated, even with the maximum brightness on, the display can be a little difficult to see in the sun
  • I will return with a more thorough review after more usage, but my initial reaction is this is a well-built detector with a few more bells and whistles than the 9500ix.

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