The 10 Best Escort Radar Detectors Of 2021

The best radar detectors will help limit the number of tickets for any driver with a need for speed. A radar detector exposes if a police officer is using a radar gun to monitor the speed of your vehicle. The key to finding the perfect radar detector is to look for the ideal range, price, and design.

The territory range should be the most significant factor in deciding whether to purchase a model or not. This component is essential because it will be what prepares you to slow down when in the presence of officers. Do not be surprised if you find a detector that discloses from up to 5 miles away! When it comes to design, try not to look too much into aesthetics and instead consider the weight and dimensions. As for the price, this varies, depending on the level of functionality your new device offers. If your budget is smaller, there are also plenty of options.

Radar detectors can be a tremendous help to drivers, but before looking for one of the best radar detectors, make sure to check if they are illegal in your state. 

1.Escort MAX360C Laser Radar Detector

The Max 360c is Escort’s top of the line model. It offers exceptional long-range performance paired with extremely effective false alert filtering. Digital arrows point to where the police radar is detected. The Escort Max 360c will automatically block or “lock out” stationary false alerts like the laser-operated automatic doors at supermarkets and electronic speed signs, which is a desirable attribute for urban driving. Other user-friendly features include automatic software updates and speed-based sensitivity adjustments, including low-speed alert muting.

2.Uniden R3 EXTREME LONG RANGE Laser/Radar Detector

The Uniden R3 is a workhorse radar detector that offers a variety of features that’ll make it the perfect car companion, whether on long road trips or just driving around town. It offers a 360-degree, full-spectrum digital signal processing that allows for, theoretically, no blind spots (great for detecting even the sneakiest of hiding cruisers). The built-in GPS functionality adds additional red light cam detection, a trap that many fall into even with simpler featured radar detectors.

They’ve included the requisite K False and KA False filters, a feature that will help to limit noise interference from older model cars (such as Cadillacs). That last feature is crucial to eliminate false positive radar detection. Finally, there’s limited voice control, so you don’t have to take your hands off the wheels, and there’s even quiet operation so that the only people who will know you’re using a radar detector are those that you want to know.

3.ESCORT MAX360 Laser Radar Detector - GPS

Another Escort radar that made our list is the Max 360. Escort certainly makes far superior product than most other radar we tested.

The Escort Max 360 has front and rear antennas that create full defense to pinpoint the direction of the radar bands’ source. The terrific, automated features include GPS lockouts that store stationary false alerts in memory and ignore them in the future.

This affordable radar detector provides all the same features and performance of the small 360C from Escort, except for Wi-Fi connectivity. Even without Wi-Fi, 360 users can still connect to the Escort Live app via Bluetooth.Max 360 automatically adjusts its sensitivity levels depending on your speed. It will notify you with a voice alert when you’re driving over the speed limit while reducing the sensitivity when you’re under the speed limit.

4.ESCORT IX Laser Radar Detector - Auto Learn Protection

Although the price point on the Escort iX is a little high, it still does it all, except jam lasers. It has superior radar and laser range made possible by front and rear facing antennas for 360 degree protection, a digital signal processor that helps filter out false alarms, and features speed based sensitivity so that when you’re driving around a parking lot at low speeds the radar detector will ignore things like automatic doors. And just like the 9500xi Enhanced, the iX comes loaded with the Defender red light and speed camera database to help sound alerts of their locations. Last but not least the iX pairs with the Escort Live smartphone app to receive real time alerts and help recognize speed traps submitted by other drivers using Escort and BEL radar detectors. The best police radar detector can also help.

5.Uniden R7 EXTREME LONG RANGE Laser/Radar Detector

Inspired by the Valentine One V1, the Uniden R7 stands out from the pack because its dual antennas tell you exactly which direction the radar signal is coming from. Its color screen shows you whether the threat is coming from ahead, from behind, or from the side, and it notes which type of signal is picked up, which can make a big difference. You can see the strength of the signal, too, so you know if it’s too late or if you’ve got time to slow down. The R7 also remembers and mutes false alarms, meaning you don’t need to worry about the local bank’s alarm system setting it off.

The Uniden R7 is smart, too. It is pre-loaded with the location of red light and speed cameras, and it sounds the alarm when you get close to either. Free firmware updates ensure it stays current by keeping up with the infrastructure. It’s not quite as powerful as the Escort Max 360, and it’s certainly not cheap, but it’s a competent detector that works well as an all-arounder.

6.Uniden R1 Radar Detector

The Uniden R1 Radar Detector can pick up X, K, and Ka band frequencies. The device works well in a number of driving environments. Why? The R1 Radar Detector is able to pick up the bands typically used by law enforcement to determine if you are speeding or not.

It is also a long range radar detector. this device has been built to work from a long distance away. The device will pick up on speed detection devices from a long distance. It presents a ton of notice to reduce the speed of your automobile.

The radar detector is able to avoid false readings fairly well. The City setting works well in most commercial areas. It blocks out unnecessary bands to prevent you from getting constant, annoying alerts. The other perk is that the detector can filter out both K and Ka bands, depending on how you set it up to limit false signals.

7.Escort Passport 9500iX - Long Range

In a side-by-side comparison, the Escort IX looks and performs very nearly as well as the top rated Escort Max 360c. Both feature high-end performance in both highway and city settings. Both feature sophisticated built-in GPS features and exceptional ease of use. The most notable difference is the price – the Escort IX costs much less than the Max 360c.


This is why the Escort IX is our pick for best value in radar detectors. The Escort IX doesn’t have directional arrows that tell you where the radar is coming from like the Max 360c, but it’s otherwise designed to improve your driving awareness.

With an adjustable over-speed alert, which uses the built-in GPS to accurately measure your speed, you always know when you’ve exceeded the speed limit. This is the only fool-proof method for ensuring you don’t get a ticket and maintain a high awareness of your driving habits.

In the highway tests, this detector received an A- for performance. While the range wasn’t nearly as far as the Max 360c and the Valentine One, it still provided plenty of range in each scenario to safely adjust your driving habits in time to avoid a ticket. For example, the shortest range it recorded was a half mile with radar gun aimed perpendicular to the road.

8.Cobra RAD 450 Laser Radar Detector

The Cobra Radar is an inexpensive detector that detects other radar and laser signals. It detects x, K and ka rader bands, laser and vg-2 signals. While these sorts of radar detectors have been around for several years already, in recent years false alarms from modern collision detection systems have made radars less useful. This radar has filters to prevent these false alerts.
The range is around .75 – 1 mile, which is pretty good for a budget camera. It has a one year warranty and it announces signals via voice to keep the driver’s eyes on the road and also has a Spanish option. The higher end detectors state the frequency along with the alert and filters the ones only law enforcement use but for the price the RAD450 does well.

9.Escort Redline 360c

So the Redline 360c isn’t cheap. In fact it’s the most expensive windshield mount detector currently available on the market. That said, this is also the only detector on the market that gives you long range performance, excellent filtering to reduce false alerts, GPS built in with auto lockouts to make it more plug-and-play, Bluetooth to extend its functionality, and simple ways to keep it updated. It makes for an excellent all-around detector.

With the Redline 360c, this is the first time that we have a fully featured and high performance radar detector without a ton of false alerts that’s also easy to setup and use.

It also has arrows to help locate the source of the threat, it can share alerts in realtime with other drivers, it’s almost completely plug-and-play, it’s completely undetectable to radar detector detectors, and it can continue to keep itself updated over time. The integrated GPS also alerts you to fixed red light and speed cameras.

10.Cobra DualPro 360

The new Cobra DualPro 360 is arguably the best dual-antenna detector for the money, on the market and if getting the highest performance for the money is most appealing you need look no further.  The reason for this is simple. The Cobra DualPro 360 is based upon the same platform as Escort’s top-of-the-line Max 360c radar detector, our top-ranked radar detector that retails for $200 more

The Cobra DualPro 360 doesn’t have as many features as the Escort Max 360c but those missing features have no impact on detection performance and for that the DualPro 360 is $200 less. If price were a ranking factor, the new DualPro 360 would be right at the top, but no longer alone there since the Uniden R7 is now at the same price point.


Is it illegal to have a radar detector in your vehicle?

According to the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations, Washington D.C. and Virginia are the only two places in the country where radar detectors are illegal. Use of radar detectors in commercial vehicles or in military bases and federal parks is banned nationwide. Windshield mounts are not allowed in California or Minnesota. Check your state laws before purchase as regulations may change over time. Though they are illegal in some areas, having a radar detector installed in a car isn’t a moving violation, so insurance companies don’t penalize drivers for having one.

How do radar detectors work?

Radar detectors act as radio receivers to pick up frequencies used by police radar guns. Once the radar detector senses a radar signal of a specific frequency, it sounds an audible alarm and lights up a visual display to notify the driver.

How far can police radar detect your speed?

Radar range depends on the target vehicle’s size and shape. For example, a full-size pickup’s speed could be detected from over a mile away, but a low, small sports car could bounce back such a weak signal that it must be within 500 feet of the radar to be clocked.

Where should you place a radar detector?

Make your radar detector less noticeable by mounting it under or directly over your rearview mirror, as close to the mirror as possible. The detector will better blend in to be significantly less visible.

Are radar detectors worth it?

A good radar detector is useful if you frequently travel by car. You might recover the costs of the detector if it alerts you to a cop before you’ve been clocked, pulled over and fined.  

What is a radar jammer?

Radar jammers are a form of electronic warfare and are banned under federal law. Jammers emit interfering signals toward the radar gun, blocking the receiver with highly concentrated energy signals and scrambling the gun’s feedback.